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The Natives after Columbus. 🐸☕️

Real talk, real quick-




Mental disorders do not magically appear with a paper diagnosis

If you are undiagnosed you could still have a mental disorder

The disorder does not disappear because there is a lack of diagnosis

Most mentally ill and or disabled people who have existed were not diagnosed.

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Don’t fake an orgasm for a guy, let him know his dick game weak as hell


I’m watching this show on BBC3 and there was this question about rising tuition fees and this tory scum of a woman said the “real victims” and who she feels “really sorry for people that make above £42k because they miss out on grants”

The middle class are really convinced…


have you ever had a weird sort of crush on one of your friends where you cant actually tell if its a crush or not??? do i want to kiss you?? do i just really enjoy being your friend????? who knows? not me


ppl spend too much time mad at women for allegedly catering to the male gaze when they could be mad at men for being gross